Do you need one or not?. Today the cheap web hosting for the average project costs about 5-6 dollars a month. Thus owners of a resource hold an chance to use all contemporary technologies, including php, mysql databases and many other matters. Still, hundreds of sites continue to use a Free webhosting, despite its evident defects and restrictions. Possibly, there are numerous different opinions in this question? Or we do not take into account all factors? So, yes and no.

Free Web web hosting

A Free Website hosting, as a rule, allows to create only the most simple sites dwelling of a set of HTML-pages. Sometimes it is feasible to use the built-in forums or guest books, nonetheless, very little percent on the possibilities. For instance, without registration of users, without possibility to moderate a forum or a guest. Any site control systems are out of question.

One more point is that for CMS functioning php and mysql are necessary, but no Free webhosting provides this. Also, more often a webhosting company that is giving a Free Website web hosting, uses sites of clients for advertisements allocation. And, opening a site on a Free Web web hosting, you will have to reconcile to presence of banners and pop-up windows on it. In the end of all the domain name will belong to the webhosting company. The Free Web web hosting can be utilized for corporal pages, uncommercial projects, as trial run platforms. Serious projects, which plan to get income, or corporate sites in most cases employ a paid web hosting.

Pros of a paid hosting

A paid hosting is a possibility to employ all cool technologies for a web-resource creation and support. An low-priced hosting allows to open a site for a smaller or a medium-sized firm, or a small project. Huge portals use more expensive tariff web hosting plans.

Still an low-budget hosting allows to use php and mysql – from one to several databases. This way, the project owner can put in a content management system (CMS) without which customization and service of a today’s web-resource is very hard. Besides, it is doable to start a very nice forum, the guest book, to add general scripts (like voting, the form of a feedback and other). All this will make the project on an inexpensive hosting much more intriguing and more engaging in comparison with the limited Free Web hosting.