There is no one service which will please everyone. You can find free web hosts services by searches on Google and other search engines for “free web hosting”.

How to choose a choose web hosting provider
Choosing a free web hosting can be tough, especially since they are many who claim to be the best free web hosts around. There are some that are great, some that are average, and some that are really bad. They might offer nice features, but with ads on your site. They wont put advertisements on your site, but have really bad features and/or support. Choosing a good free host is usually a hit or a miss, and can be frustrating at times. Remember that you don’t get any guarantees with free hosting, so if your site isn’t there when you wake up next morning, you can’t complain about it because its free!

Make sure you have these features when choosing a free host:

  • More than 100Mb disk space
  • More than 1Gb bandwidth
  • At least 1 FTP account
  • Free subdomain (i.e
  • Allowed to host your own domain
  • No ads on your sites

Some good free hosts may offer:

  • cPanel Control Panel or DirectAdmin Control Panel
  • MySQL Databases, PHP, CGI
  • Email Accounts
  • Allowed to put up your own ads
  • Reliability (this is hard to determine)
  • Automatic software installer (Install a blog in minutes!)
  • Community Forum, to discuss your website(s)

You cant really expect too much from a free host, since they are providing the service for free.