The following article will show you how to obtain A fully FREE functional website with mysql, php, webspace and even a fancy customcontrol panel to control it all. While I won’t go into great detail about each exact step I will try to link to resources to help get you along easier in the process. Keep in mind every thing in this guide is freely obtainable, how functional it all becomes is up to you!

The resources listed will require some technical skill but no real advanced knowledge is necessary if you have the basics of FTP, mysql databases and a general overview of how websites functions. Feel free to ask questions or leave comments on this guide! First off lets get some webspace for our upcoming new smash hit of a website!

Through out aggressive searching on the best free web hosting I came across, it comes complete with * 200 MB Disk Space * 5 GB Traffic * 2 Domains Hosting * 5 Subdomains * PHP4/5 , Perl/CGI-BIN * 1 MySQL(v.4) Databases * FREE Subdomains * FTP Access * 5 Email Accounts * Webmail, POP3 ! I’ve personally used for a few personal project websites and its free every time you need a new website! Hurry along and sign up, I’ll wait. Just go Google for AwardSpace Free Web Hosting.

Now that you have some new web space from AwardSpace. Its time to think what CMS you will want to run. There are quite a few very powerful free Content Management systems on the internet such as Drupal, Joomla, MKPortal, WordPress, PHPNuke. Its up to you to decide which one to go with. I personally prefer WordPress however as it has an easy to learn interface, functionality and good scalability.

With a mixture of the above (webspace+CMS/Drupal) you now have a fully free operational website to begin adding content to! I hope this helps other people out there who have been seeking free website hosting and free websites! You do of course have to admin your own websites however! bye for now!