You have chosen WordPress for your blogging format. You have selected a theme that pertains to your topic. You are ready to start writing your posts, but want to make your blog really work. You want to have a blog that is the website you have always dreamed of having.

So how do you optimize your WordPress blog? Plugins are important to keeping your site safe and professional. Here are 3 plugins you must have.

1. Askimet: Blogging brings spanners. Akismet stops them in their tracks. This plugin previews comments sent to you and checks them for potential spam before they reach your blog. Akismet is already installed on most WordPress themes. All you must do is go to: Plugins – Akismet – Activate. It will then ask for your API key which you should have gotten when you originally signed up for WordPress.

2. All In One SEO Pack: All sites need traffic and this is one plugin that will help you to drive traffic to your site. All In One SEO Pack lets you tweak your titles, item descriptions, and then add keywords to your posts. Doing this increases your rankings in the search engines which makes it easier to be found. it is important to do this for each post you make, as that will alert the search engines that changes have been made.

3. Google XML Sitemaps: This is the plugin that gets your site searched by all the different search engines. It is XML compliant and automatically updates all the major search engines whenever you make any changes to your blog.

Using these three plugins for your WordPress site automatically manages any spam coming your way and increases your search engine optimization. These make it much easier to achieve the goals you have for your website. Who doesn’t like "easier?"