Did you know that Google loves WordPress (WP)? In fact, the WP platform is becoming more and more modern. WP internet sites are easy but surely passing regular static web sites. There are many reasons why, but present are the 2 main ones: 1. Content 2. SEO (search engine optimization)

Despite what you have heard, content is still is a top essential for a easy ranking on the World Wide Web. In addition, if your content is unique, it will rank sure higher. With a static site, to add content your site must be set-up to add content. Sadly, most static sites are not set-up that way. You will need an HTML editor to add a page, add content to that page, link that page decent and know how to use and set-up an FTP to transfer the new content onto your website!

With WP, nevertheless, you can well add content via a page or post. And every post you make = content that is pinged to several web sites. This triggers the Google bots to come searching, which is good news for your site. So instead of bearing still, your WP site gets more dynamic and Google loves content dynamic sites. A static site does have its advantages, but WP will beat a static site hands down if the content is the same or very similar.

To further growth the potency of your pages and posted content, your WP site must be properly optimized and this is where SEO comes in. If two sites for example, have the same age and similar content, Google will give a higher rank to the site with the better SEO. Moreover, the second site can be ranked so badly, it will be several thousand pages behind the SEO WordPress place.

A right SEO site can also bring in an great amount of traffic, and one of the best FREE WP plugins to do that, is HeadSpace 2. With HeadSpace 2 you have two options: 1. Configure it automatically to optimize your WP site. 2. Manually enter your setting with each and every post or page. The auto settings works best for individuals that are rush for time and do many posts, while the manual settings work best for rare posts.

Configuring the HeadSpace 2 plugin just right, takes a little time and effort, but in the long run it will increase your site’s ranking. Some people go around saying that SEO via keywords on your site and in the title are dead, but how does the search engines find what people are looking for? Simple! Keywords. Keywords in the title and keywords on your site in general. Therefore, despite what you have heard SEO is important as a very basic tool for taking your site effectively indexed and therefore found in the search results.

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