WordPress can be free.

WordPress was originally developed as a blog and publishing tool but with multiple updates and plug ins has become so much more. You can download it free and you can host it free. Of course, like any software, a little time will have to be used to learn how to use WP. If you want to have a site on the web and don’t want to be held hostage by paying a programmer, WP is really the only way to go in 2010. WP enables users to have an internet website at minimal or no cost.

WordPress is infinitely expandable.

WordPress has a philosophy to keep the core code as light and fast as possible. WP is regularly added to by a huge open source community. The imagination of this community never ceases to amaze and delight me as new tools continually are uploaded.

WordPress Themes

With WordPress you can choose from thousands of free themes. A theme in WP is the background and layout of your web page. The theme includes all details of how your page(s) will look and feel. The header top area size, color, font and layout can be set up. The size of the sheet where your text is can be adjusted to what needs to appear on every page. The small caption areas on the right or left can be determined along with their order, layout and size. Almost every detail of how your site looks can be determined with the theme feature. You can even have a theme custom designed if you want a unique look.

Plugins for WP

If you can think of a web site application there is probably already a WP plugin for it. There are usually so many it benefits you to take some time to choose exactly which one will work best for your content. From Google analytics to adding members to your site there are already countless plug ins. If you’re a programmer ignore my comments before and develop your own plug in and start raking in the cash. Users can snatch good plug ins up fast from the plugin directory and do so at break neck speed. Also in your WordPress backend you are kept informed of the latest developments where you may find the newest plugin to boost your site.

WordPress Education

There are countless forums, websites and chat rooms devoted to WordPress. The best way to learn how to use WP is to work with it. It is nice to already have the site installed and hosted when you’re ready to get started. That way you only have to worry about your content instead of deciding where to host and how to set everything up. If you only have to login and go through a few tutorials, you can have your site functional in the shortest amount of time. The initial steps can take time to learn so find a little help to get started fast.

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