Blog is a good way to exchange information. No blog is complete day will be full and when your blog traffic without the right plug-ins, add more traffic. WordPress for easy readers to share their websites with people they know most of these add-ons. You can try WordPress Hosting features of some of the best hosting companies theese days.


Every blog and social media links to your site can plug-in action. Simply click on the selection of about 100 social bookmarking sites.

Simple Facebook Connect

By using this plugin for WordPress, Facebook Connect can add to your blog. This allows readers to use Facebook features. Easily Facebook, you can connect according to their needs. Great advantage, holds a lot less coding.

Simple Twitter Connect

Facebook Connect as a simple writer, this add-on lets you add functionality on Twitter WordPress blog. You can connect your readers using Twitter. Users can be automatically interpreted as a Tweet.


This WordPress plugin with Twitter, post messages on Facebook and MySpace. You can configure each one separately. You can use the short URL service also help link the various Internet sites published. If a problem is a selection of other services offered short URL.

WP-Google Buzz

Buzz If you like Google, you can add a button messages. Buzz over to Google and Gmail can share with friends and readers, for sharing useful information and provide text pages. Choose 14 different Google Buzz button.


Gigya tool you can to increase your traffic and revenue. To connect to one or more social networks, you can choose from 80 different social sectors. Proposal to feed subscribe button. Back in action and users use the toolbar to get a peep.


You may have seen on several blogs that are popular plug-ins. You’ll see the message below is a sex shop. “In this area, readers themselves may choose to post to different social sites.


Add your blog into a social network can open it. This is a great way to church, family, or even membership sites is to create the social space.

Light Social

A social or SexyBookmarks, this lightweight version. Can not install, you can buy popular social sites. You can add this line to each their own records.

TweetMeme Button

allow readers to quickly ReTweet messages. tweetmeme button too many times, this message tells retweeted Twitter. Most plug-ins like this, but each has its own advantages. From this list, we hope to find something to suit your blog.

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