It is a good idea to publish your pictures live. If you want to run quality photo gallery you will need to order web hosting from the right web host which provides all characteristics needed to run your very own photo gallery. Or you can try this free web hosting provider. So what are the best web hosting choices for photographers?

Choice #1 — host your photographs using static web site
Do you know how to design your own site? Then you may deal this way. You can use HTML to program your own static picture gallery. For such gallery you need only basic internet site hosting package allowing enough web space to store your photos. 5 – 10 GB of web space may be enough for 99% of photographers.

Choice #2 — web hosting with web site creator
If you don’t know how to code your own internet site but you want to have every look of your web under the control then website hosting company providing clients with the website creator may be good choice. Simply select some template, upload pic and place them on your web site. Use the site creator to create multiple pages, one for every category.

Choice #3 — internet site hosting allowing free photo picture gallery scripts
There are some good scripts written in PHP like Coppermine. Best of all, this script is for free. You can download it, upload to your hosting space and use it to create professionally looking picture gallery. If you want to go this way you will need hosting package which includes PHP support and MySQL database.

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