If you have a blog or if you are seeing to create one then you are probably already aware that WordPress is the select of many and for good reason. However, even though WordPress makes it very easy to install and post new content there are some little aspects that you will need to get to grips with in order to fully benefit from people that are interested in your chosen corner.

You should always look at web hosting your own blog by registering your own domain name and installing it on your own web space. While it is possible to run it from the WordPress site straight, you are unique to what you can do by their terms and conditions and using a free address is not as professional as a unique web site address. If you try and get your keywords into the domain you can improve your likely SE ranking from the start. You can try free web hosting here.

WordPress themes are usually highly optimized and turns your blog into an taking, mutual experience for the visitant. However, you can customize it further by using various widgets in the themes allocated sidebar areas. Even the smallest widget can be very powerful but used incorrectly may end up harming the amount of mass that are on your blog.

It is a great idea to look for themes that allow you to easy change the widgets that are displayed on several areas of the site. While you may want to take on some outside links on the main blog entry page, it is a good idea to limit them to internal links only on single posts. This will mean there is no motivator for the reader to leave and will more than likely continue to browse your site.

You should also consider paying for a theme that allows you to remove any branding from it that links to the theme site. While these are normally in the footer and often ignored, to come across as someone who is essential about their blog you will not want any branding of any kind on your internet site. These are often quite cheap and if you cant afford it when you start, you may want to consider paying for it when you blog is earning you enough money instead.

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