On March 31, 2008 Magento was founded to make it easier for online merchandisers and webmasters to build manageable online stores. This eCommerce platform is quickly getting the most common way to create tailored websites to meet the unique business necessities of all types of merchants.

By the end of 2008, over 475,000 people downloaded Magento to make their own strong, SEO friendly online stores. Many users feel Magento web hosting offers one of the most favorable platforms for eCommerce developing today.

Webmasters and merchants appreciate a kind of useful instruments offered by Magento. The instinctive administrative user interface puts search engine optimization, catalog management and marketing instruments right at the finger tips of online entrepreneurs. Reliable Magento web hosting means your online shop will be accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Varien Team, an eCommerce provider since 2001, developed Magento. The platform offers doubled features that make it easier to conduct business online. Easily managed multiple online stores and sites from one simple admin panel. Offer various payment choices with convenient single page checkout. URLs are SEO friendly and a Site Map is automatically generated. With an open source shopping cart and fully customizable outlook, Magento gets your business up and running in no time.

Reliable Magento web hosting makes it a breeze to build your own successful online shop. The downloads are lightening quick and your store will never be out of charge. Customers will be able to rely on your online store being working and operational thanks to Magento cloud hosting. This means more profit for your business because your customers are never let down.

Managing, shipping and shopping at Magento stores is a pleasure for everyone involved. Multiple payment alternatives and currencies are supported so worldwide shopping is no problem. Meta-information for classes and products help customers make educated decisions. Shoppers can checkout without creating an account and have purchases shipped to multiple addresses in a single order.

Varien developed Magento to improve the shopping cart experience for both merchants and shoppers. The open source shopping cart makes Magento appealing to the public and entrepreneurs. Offering a strong, user-friendly shopping environment means your business will enjoy more sales.

The hosting necessities for Magento are strict so picking out a reliable web host is great for total winner. A reliable Magento web host meets all these requirements so downloading online shops is fast and easy. Without the right Magento web host, your online shop will experience painfully slow downloads. Worse yet, your store will have temporary server down time which could cause customers to purchase elsewhere during those serious moments. Selecting a quality Magento web hosting company is a very important decision.

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