Three Arab countries have become the first in the world who led the historic change in the Web.

On Thursday it is already possible the spelling of addresses that contain no Latin characters, BBC reported.

Egypt, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates are the three countries with so-called "geographical code, written in Arabic.

This is the first step towards the drawing of the web address in many languages, including Chinese, Thailand and Tamil.

Currently over 20 countries have applied in the Internet Corporation for Names and Numbers (ICANN) for approval for international domains.

According to the organization, new domains can now be used, although there are some minor technical details that need to be elaborated further, so that new addresses to work seamlessly on any computer.

The introduction of the first web names with non-Latin script is the culmination of several years of work organization.

So far, the sites could use some letters that are not Latin, but the geographic codes, such as eg. Egypt had to be written in Latin.

On Thursday, however, already a reality and the first codes of the national languages of the countries:

Egypt: مصر
Saudi Arabia: السعودية
United Arab Emirates: امارات

Minister of Communications and Information Technology of Egypt Tarek Kamal told The Associated Press announced that the first who have received licenses to discharge. Masri / Egyptian Arabic, editor’s note. / Are three trading companies in the country.

He said the incident was "an epochal event in the history of the Internet.

ICANN, however, warned that the international domain names may not start work immediately on all computers.

"You may become so in the box to write the address to see blurry combinations of letters and numbers, perhaps a percent sign. It is possible and does not work, "said the organization.

Probably will need a lot of people to update the software on their computers to see and correctly entered these domains.

"Computers are never fully equipped with full set of fonts and scripts, so you can see all possible domains. But normally handle, such as download some extra package missing alphabets, "explained ICANN.

From there, added that over half of Internet users worldwide spelling of Internet addresses in their native language is not based on the Latin alphabet.

So far the organization has received 21 requests for domains of 11 different languages including Chinese, Russian, Tamil and Thailand.

Owners of sites in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates does can apply to their web address to appear in new geographic codes.

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