Two of the biggest Internet companies – Yahoo and Facebook – will work in close integration.

Yahoo will import the updated status from a social network, each of which will link to Facebook, according to the agreement, which transmit the AP.

Updates will appear on the front page of Yahoo and email. Other tools will allow users to inform their online friends what they do and what public services in Yahoo – as the portal for images Flickr.

Yahoo’s transformation began late last year. Services are used by about 600 million, but their popularity has declined lately, under the influence of competitors like Google and social networks.

Consumers increasingly prefer to exchange photos, videos and music, to discuss current events and communicate with their families and friends through Facebook.

Yahoo heads to a close partnership with Facebook in an attempt to maintain its audience. This is only a first step in the company’s plan to transform its social networking portal. Later this year, Yahoo will begin to import and updates from microblog service Twitter.

At the end of 2010 are expected at Yahoo online games known FarmVille, FishVille and Mafia Wars. Internet giant has already signed an agreement with their developer Zynga.

However, Yahoo introduces Microsoft technologies in its search system. Agreement between the two companies is an attempt to counter the looming power of Google.

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