44 tips for optimizing the new site – an article that is useful for beginners

1. Add your articles to social networking Digg, Reddit and similar.
2. Create a Yahoo groups related to your niche site and write
3. Create a MySpace account and post and update your page every week
4. Add to Del.icio.us sites

5. Create a Technorati account and use your claim
6. Add your site friendly directories
7. Offline Advertising
8. Create your free advertisement in the box Gumtree
9. Promote your site through RSS feeds
10. Add your RSS feeds on sites like FeedBurner, Squidoo, Feedboy, Jordomedia, FeedBomb, FeedCat, rssmad, feeddirectory

11. Write a short description Statics for your site and publish them in article directories
12. Create a referral server 301. In this way the visitor will not lose
13. Create 404 reference
14. Create an account in StumbleUpon and invite your friends
15. Add links in signatures on forums, which use
16. Share with friends sites to optimize
17. Spell out your domain – the choice to watch sounds good – especially for international projects
18. Test your website in various browsers. There are also online browsers Handlers
19. Use quick hosting – recommended by the hosting country of destination domain – example – you have a site for sale in the UK – use the hosting server that is located in the UK
20. Does not emphasize PageRank – this algorithm is constantly amended, and is most important for successful project
21. Create opportunity for participation bezlpatno visitors. Free attracts many times more than paid
22. Invite friends and neighbors in your new project
23. Ofertirayte people from contact list in MSN, Skype, Yahoo, etc.
24. Advertise your site Craigslist – a free service
25. Do not use FRAMES
26. Add your site in DMOZ.org – very important – watch the content you post is interesting for editors to allow you to approve.
27. Generate and add a Sitemap to Google
28. Comment in flicker photo site
29. Sign up for affiliate programs and sell your product or service
30. Create a system for news on e-mail, so that your regular visitors to receive important news and events
31. Visit SEO and Web seminars. Make good keyword research.
32. Look for strong and relevant blogs and comment them wisely
33. Do not pay people for sabmit search engine – in most cases it is losing money. The recommendation is to want concrete results from SEO companies or people who will carry out services for you.
34. Google Video and YouTube are great places for Wirral Marketing
35. Create eBook and distribute free
36. If you offer products – advertising on TV is not a bad decision, but it is quite expensive
37. Avoid technologies Java and Active X.
38. Add section for download – Download to your site and present your visitors interesting things – music, recordings, PDF books
39. Participate in Wikipedia
40. If you use a flash introduction – must use the SKIP the intro button
41. Advertise in local newspapers and magazines for your site – very good publicity in newspapers have dropped Working 24 hours and other
42. Write really interesting, unique items
43. Never stop to explore new technologies, interested, read here and there
44. Add everywhere ALT tag images

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