In the southwestern part of South Africa, baboons are often masters of the road – in search of food does not stop at nothing and may become a real threat to tourists start tomorrow World Tournament, writes the newspaper Die Welt.

These monkeys long longer afraid of humans, attacked houses and cars. An old man died after pavianska attack.

"Their behavior is intolerable. They do not want to kill, but if they let their rage, it is certain that there will be injured during the World Cup, "said researcher Justine O’Rayan of baboons at the University of Cape Town.

A group of 60 experts was mandated to monitor and aggressive monkeys to keep them as far from humans. Especially dangerous is Fred, a huge baboon, already bitten three tourists and regularly causes panic at the Cape of Good Hope. His specialty is opened to car and scrounge whatever succeed.

Usually leaves at least one bag. "We should not try to take it back before he left her alone, recommended by Mark Dyufel team of ozaptyavane paviani.Maymunite seek only food and not pay attention to documents, mobile phones and money, it soothes. But if you try to take away their loot, will surely earn injury.

Authorities in Cape Town have invested 5 million rand (534,000 euros) before the football fiesta to keep the monkey menace away from the thousands of guests. "So far not yet been attacked in Cape Town stadium, soothes spokesman Stephen Grendzhar municipality.

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