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Internet giant Google introduced a platform App Inventor, whereby each user can create applications for mobile operating system Android.

Through a simple interface based on the different "blocks" to determine how the creature will look like and what we can do.

Besides the basic telephony functions such as telephoning and text messaging, utilities will be able to liaise with external databases, using GPS receiver and even the device to work with web applications.

In this way, can create complex and functional applications such as mobile social networks for customers.

App Inventor is the work of Harold Abelsan of MIT, who in his spare time working for Google.

He said such a project could be implemented on the iPhone, because Apple’s creators have very strict requirements for software, which made applications for the device.

Abelsan said that Google’s Android offers a radically different attitude to developers, especially by giving them more freedom.

Currently, App Inventor is still in beta and not all users can try their luck as creators of mobile content.

During the test period, students have created many interesting applications, ranging from a program that every 15 minutes sending a list of numbers the user location to automatic answering machine.

Android is still after the operating system on Apple’s popularity among developers, even in democratic politics of Google.

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