The biggest social network Facebook join forces with a British agency for child protection to reduce risk to young consumers, announced AFP.

New application called ClickCEOP, thus allowing each teen to seek help if they become subject to any threat.

Peculiar panic button gives users full access to its services to protect children from online exploitation and protection CEOP, which can be reported suspicious behavior related to online fraud, hackers and pedophiles.

Advertising ClickCEOP will appear on the front pages of all Facebook users who have expressed aged between 13 and 18 years, they would be required only to add the application to obtain protection.

The emergence of clickCEOP is kind of dent in Facebook’s position on the safety of personal data. Last year social networking became the subject of numerous criticisms, after 17-year-old girl was kidnapped and killed by the rapist, delivered to its peer web.

Then from Facebook said that their own mechanisms for protection of personal data are secure enough and refused assistance from other organizations.

So-called "panic buttons", giving access to young consumers to protect their rights institutions are used by competitors of Facebook – Bebo and MySpace.

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