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Google is the threat to absorb the rapid start-up companies. New acquisition of the Internet giant is the developer of virtual currency Jambool.

The value of the deal was announced, but preliminary expectations were for an amount of about 70 million dollars, reported CNET News.

Jambool began business in 2006 with the product Social Gold, which allows the construction of infrastructures with virtual currency.

Google has its own platform for transactions – Google Checkout, similar to PayPal, and will probably try to supplement it with a system of virtual currency.

Week before Google acquired social media company Slide, founded by veteran Max Levchin of PayPal.

It is believed that this transaction the company will further develop its strategy for social games to compete with Facebook.

Google recently invested in social games giant Zynga, the objective is probably to create a complete gaming own product.

Publishers of social games earned 490 million U.S. dollars last year, and in this market is expected to reach 835 million U.S. dollars, according to Inside Social Games.

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