New Zealand hundreds of students use social network Facebook, to be organized in teams to help victims of an earthquake struck the country.

The idea came from a student of law at Canterbury University Sam Johnson after he learned that his lessons are canceled for a week after the quake force by 7 degrees in Richter shook Christchurch, the second largest city in New Zealand.
"On Saturday evening I saw all these groups on Facebook such as" I survived the earthquake, let’s get drunk "and others – tells 21-year-old student who believes that survivors of such disasters have to do something useful for society .

Johnson created the group "Basis for student volunteers to clean the devastation of the earthquake, having urged his colleagues to help clean up debris around the city after the most devastating earthquake in New Zealand for the past almost 80 years.

"The response was amazing – the student says, describing how 300 people were included in the group during the first day and now almost 1900 have signed up to join the group Volunteers walked around the city, equipped with shovels, buckets and carts. Started work in groups of 20 people, acting in close liaison with the emergency authorities.

"Some people broke into tears when we came," said Johnson. "Their yards are cluttered with pieces and find it difficult to cope alone. They need a little help."
According to the originator, not only students willing to participate and their hands dirty with useful work. "They come from schools and children, great to see young enthusiasts to help.

So far volunteers have received more than 5000 messages of support from around the world. According to Johnson, the initiative would be impossible without modern social networks. "Perhaps one could do anything with email, but can not reach these numbers," he says.

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