There are many free web hosting sites claim to provide web hosting to your site without charge. Usually they impose restrictions, either cost you in time, or change your free web pages layout by displaying advertisement. When you look for free web hosting services from SE, you should take note that there are also many commercial hosting companies that advertise to provide free hosting services. However, usually they come with a catch, such as spending an excessive amount to buy a domain name or other help. They are not really free really. The free hosting tips as stated below will show you how to find a working free web host and the things you need to consider when go for it.

How do the free web hosts make money?

The free web hosting companies often get money through other ways, such as placing pop-ups, banners or other ad on your free web pages. Some will ask you to click on banners during their sign-up process or in control panel, or just show banners in the file manager page in hopes you will click their Advertisements. Some attract visitors with free web hosting services in hopes you will advance and spend for modern features. Certain free web hosting suppliers will send you emails with ads attached, or may even sell your e-mail. Another approach that is becoming modern is involving you to write a certain amount of "quality" post on forum. In such a way this help them to create free content and therefore being able to show more ads.

Are free web hosts reliable?

Agreement is that generally they are less reliable, although there are still exceptions. If the free host is getting money from ads, banner or other roots of income directly from their free service, then more likely they will stay in business. This also bases on the assumption no one abuse their web hosting server by activities like hacking or spam, which could be likely to happens to new free host with more liberal policies of taking users from anyplace. It is better to choose a very good free host company which only takes quality sites.

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