Generally have the following types of hosting:

Shared Hosting

(Divide and IP-server it with many sites, all using some resources, so if you load many common server hosting company will make you change your plan any more serious). Shared hosting is suitable for one or a very small site without too many visitors.

VPS Hosting

(Again divide a single server with other clients but have many more resources, it guaranteed only for you). So you like your own little "virtual" (software and its own separate operating system and full control over all settings) server. VPS hosting is suitable for medium and large sites with more visitors and a large number of sites. Also, if your site require any more specific settings you may need to use a VPS hosting, because there you have complete freedom.

Dedicated Server

(Here you have already entirely your own server that is connected to the Internet and fully configured for your needs, so you’re not dependent on anyone else). This is the most expensive and malopopulyarno bg hosting solution. Only for very large and significant sites.

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