Virtual Private Server Hosting is an innovative technology that allows partitioning of single physical servers. Sound like Shared Web Hosting but it’s not really. One of the major differences between VPS and shared web hosting is in the number. When talking shared hosting a single physical server is divided to hundreds of shared web hosting plans where there are as much as 3-4 virtual machines installed on a single physical server.

So What Is VPS ?

         In order to answer this question, maybe I should examine how VPS hosting fits into the product lines of most web hosting companies. Shared hosting is as simple as that – your site is hosted on a server with a ton of other independent sites, and share the same resources as well as the Ram & CPU.  Your website uses what it requires if it’s free on the server, and if it’s not – then that’s the limitation of shared hosting plans. Therefore, a dedicated server is somewhat the opposite –  your website is the only one hosted on server, and you have all the resources available at your disposal and call. Dedicated hosting is usually for those large enterprise websites with huge databases and lots of traffic, where the limitations of shared hosting will certainly prevent it from hosting that site. Dedicated servers are very expensive considering the fact that one can get shared hosting plans for under $4 nowadays.

Do You Need a VPS?

The answer to this question is a “maybe.” If you’re looking at this site, you might be a designer who has some web sites, an online portfolio, and a couple of clients whose sites you manage. Is a VPS for you? Well, you’ve most likely past the time when a shared platform used to work, and as a professional, it won’t work to have your sites run at mediocre rates because another site that you share a server with is using more than its fair share of resources. A dedicated server could be a little too much too – if you don’t need all the resources all the time 24/7 the price may not be worth it.
VPS is the perfect balance between performance and price range. If you are looking to grow. In fact most of the sites will work great on a VPS. I recommend a VPS if you are looking to host an online shop for example.

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