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I have seen some questions by people asking which CMS is the best. With so many CMS systems on the market, it is really hard to know which one will work for you. I’m only going to focus on two of the most popular CMS systems.

As you might already know, Joomla and WordPress are likely the most popular in the CMS world today. There are some people that will tell you WordPress is not a CMS system. With the right plugins, you can turn this system into a CMS that will do just what you need it to do. WordPress I think is one of the most hard CMS systems.

Not only will WordPress provide a top notch blog, you easily be able to customise a WordPress theme to fit your wants. I also want to say WordPress is very better documented. The community is huge! I now want to move on to Joomla. I think Joomla is a great CMS system. I’ve done a few sites with Joomla and consider it’s pretty powerful. There’s a steeper learning curve with Jomla, but once you have successfully learned the system, it will pay off fast.

I think Joomla would be great for a community driven internet site. There are many plugins available for Joomla that will allow you to build a user community. While I think this is also possible with WordPress, I think the Joomla components are a lot more powerful. If you need to port over a custom Joomla theme that should not be a problem. There are many helpful tutorials on how to port your theme over. All in all, I think both of these systems will provide a solid CMS for your website. You may wish to test out both systems and see which system will work best for your project.

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With Content Management Systems, you can easy use the built in user-friendly instruments to produce new pages. This is as easy as creating a new MS Word text file on your computer. You don’t need any technical cognition and you have as much control as you want. You can add anything from textual matter and pictures through to a blog, newssheet sign-up and video recording.

Typical Steps with applying a CMS website

First you will need to start by registering your website’s domain name and pick out a web hosting that can support your CMS software.

Calculating on the CMS software you select, you can usually get went by buying an existing pre-made template or you can use a CMS web design company to design a totally special custom made templates for you.

You will then need to consider elements such as:

• How the info that goes on your web site (layout, format, use of text, images etc.)
• Whether the info is accessible in a way that is user-friendly for people to navigate.
• Whether you have designed / structured your info to be found by search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Which is the best CMS?

Here are a few you may want to consider: WordPress, Drupal and Joomla hosting.

CMS software such as these can be crafted into any layout or provide any function you need. They can be left to you to maintain and here’s the best bit – the software is free – it doesn’t cost a cent!

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